Brendan O'Brien

Brendan O'Brien

In Development

We have a few new projects in development at the moment. A short documentary project in Poland and more materials and short documentary for a continuation of the search for water in Uganda.

Mayan Health in Guatemala

This short film, filmed around various remote locations in Guatemala with the Wuqu’ Kawoq (Maya Health Alliance) followed a handful of dedicated nurses bringing health care directly to the people that need it in their homes and small Mayan villages.

Earth Group in Tajikistan

A short promotional documentary we filmed in various places around Tajikistan for Earth Group International. The goal is to showcase the important work of Earth Group to bring food and education to poor regions of the world by raising money directly for the UN World Food Programme.

Finding Water

A short documentary about a small team of geo-scientists, volunteers, locals, and refugees who are working together to find fresh water for the ever growing Kakuma refugee camp in Kenya.